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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Upcoming SEO News 2015

The Search Engine Optimization trends have drastically changed in the past and have underwent significant alterations. Any expert who were with the industry over the last decade would definitely find themselves in an all new territory where new tricks and tips have to be learned the right way to survive the competition. With inputs from industry experts and analyzing the generic trend, we bring you the upcoming SEO trends in 2015.

Exact Keyword Research Will Change

The Adwords will no longer deploy bots to match exact keyword research to bring results or advertisements to users but rather will have to focus more on delivering what the user wants. Critics believe that Google will have to rely more on signals rather than keywords to deliver the right content to their audience. However, it would become difficult for SEO experts to analyse what these signals are and deliver content to them. The future of search engine optimization will start moving from being a purely content based strategy to something more diverse. While content will still be rich in terms of text, images and videos, other strategies such as events, press releases and contests will be used to bring audience to the pages.

Banning Negative SEO and Spams

In 2015, the focus on degrading negative SEO will be really high according to a search engine expert who believes that Google will have a tough battle against these spams, bots as well as people who try to reach the top results by using black hat tricks. While they have been doing this already for years, it is mandatory to push them even further so that low quality sites, advertisements and spam is curbed. They also predict that even though Bing hasn’t managed to dethrone Google at any point, it will continue to be in the fight and be one of the second ranked search engines to go for.

Richer Content Is Possible

The year will be the best for clients because Google has been adding a whole lot of new content including snippets, semantic elements, one boxes and knowledge panels to their search results. It allows clients to reach their audience better and reach them with richer content that will engage them on a daily basis.

Mobile and Voice Search Will Improvise

One of the most interesting aspects of Upcoming SEO News 2015 is the integration of voice search and mobile based results for users. The year is going to be truly next gen where people would prefer searching more on their handheld devices than having to sit on a PC or a Mac to do the job. This would trigger search engines as well as clients to alter their strategy so their products can be found in smartphones and tablets. Voice search is also on the horizon with smart watches which leads to Linguistic user interface LUI which is the first ever change since the debut of graphical user interface GUI.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

How to display Star Rating and Reviews in Google Search Result
Product Name
4 stars - based on 250 reviews
Above code is used to display star rating and reviews display in Google Search result. This is only sample code. Because Stat Rating and Reviews for your webpage taken from your customers via Customer Reviews Forms. Demo: 1. Paste above code from where you decide to display product rating to viewers
2. Upload this webpage from your server.
3. Go to http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets
4. Copy this webpage code and Click to HTML Tab and paste
5. Click to Preview button
Google Rich Snippet Code
Reference: http://schema.org/docs/gs.html Read More: Latest SEO Updates 2014