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Friday, 31 January 2014

Many SEO Analyst people mainly considered the onpage factors are 1. Title Tag 70 characters without Special Characters. 2. Meta Descriptions contains 155 characters and keyword must be present at starting. 3. Meta Keywords contains maximum 5 keywords, This keywords must be present in the body content. ( Meta Keyword Tag is Optional ) 4. H1 Tag - This H1 Tag must be include page target keyword and H1 Tag must be appear in Top of the page look like SEO Browsers. Ex: www.browseo.net 5. Other Header Tags (H2, H3, H4) must be present a page in sequential order. 6. Body Tag must be contains minimum 30% Text for Customer informative. 7. Page must be contains Maximum 30% Keyword Density. 8. Maximum 50 Inner links are fine. 9. Every one webpage must be present in .xml & .html Sitemap 10. All images are required Alt Tag. 11. Title & Meta Description relevancy required for Minimum 85% 12. Every Webpage must be needed for 0 Broken links (404 Not Found Page error). 13. Every Webpage URL needed for keywords and with out space & Special characters. Above all points basically all SEO Analyst follow any website Onpage Optimization Technique.

Latest Technical Onpage Factors

The structured data testing tool lets you check your markup and make sure that Google can extract the structured data from your page. This tool will display the markup found on a specific web page, as well as a preview of how that page might appear in Google search results. You can also see examples of extracted markup for specific information types. If you've created rich snippets for a Google custom search engine, you can also use this tool to preview the results. View Sturctured Data Testing Tool

Latest Technical Onpage Factors are Breadcrumb, Rich Snippet Customer Reviews & Ratings, Author Tag

Every webpages must be needed for Breadcrumb, It's very useful for Search Engine's and Customers to travel your website. It's one of the important Data Structuring factor in Onpage Optimization.
Rich Snippet Customer Reviews & Ratings
Customer Reviews & Rating Snippet must be useful to your product category & Product details page. It's very useful for covered more customers to your website.
Rich snippet Rating & Reviews
Author Tag Author Tag is suitable for article type of webpages and Wordpress / News Updates / Press release type of webpages. Once your author tag is displayed famous person face related to your category page. It's very useful to increase CTR.
Author Tags